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Student Starting Guide


There are a vast number of videos by Master Chen Zhonghua on the Practical Method website. All are useful, but the two most important videos from the get-go are these:

Yilu Detailed Instructions and Basic Foundations 2013

They are found here:


Athletic footwear. Preferably something comfortable, with a thin, flat, flexible sole. Best are a tennis style shoe that are not too expensive. If you plan to train often, you will go through a lot of shoes.

If we are training at the indoor location, please bring a pair of dedicated indoor shoes.


Comfortable clothing. No jewelry.


We use the foundations and Yilu to warm up and stretch the body. If you require more stretching to warm up, please arrive a few minutes early to class.

Class usually runs from 1 hr to 1.5 hrs. Plan to practice after class. The best time to practice is right after class while the information is still in your brain, but not yet in your body. The teacher will almost always stay to train after class, plan to stick around and join. Even if it is for 10 minutes. This is an opportunity for everyone to work on their own individual corrections.

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