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Chen Zhonghua Yilu (First Routine)



Chen Style Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) is an ages old martial art originating from Chenjiagou (Chen Village) in the China's Henan Province.  Famous because of its many health benefits and its slow flowing movements, Chen Taiji is an all-ages activity.  It engages every part of the body and the gentle stretching over time helps to open up the hips, chest, and shoulders.  It strengthens the legs, improves balance and tones the overall physique. It Improves focus, stimulates blood flow and immune response and is very good for spinal health.


The exterior appearance of Chen Taijiquan movements are slow and graceful, but this training method is purposeful. The training is in fact very difficult and physcally demanding. The mechanical movements of the form train the body to use power most efficiently. Many people think that Taiji is all about relaxation, but in fact it is about the economy of movement. When we train with our focus on the proper energy alignment, the body begins to work more efficiently and is therefore stronger and healthier as a whole. At high levels, the body becomes very resilient and martial art skill begins to develop (the analogy of 4 ounces to defeat 1000 pounds).

The Practical Method is a commitment to the heritage of Taijiquan. We train for mind and body health, but we do so with the martial principles and applications in mind. 

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